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Miriah (AKA Ria)

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How Ria got started in Roll Playing

Simsing or the "What do you mean you play D&D?"

Simsing is played by Miriah. When her and I first met she would Role Play, but not Roll Play, which was okay, but I knew one day that she would come around. Simsing is Ria's first character ever, and one of the oldest PC's in use by our D&D group. She is a D&D 2nd Edition PC Fighter/Mage/Thief Half Elf. The story of how Ria even got started playing D&D with the gang goes something like this:

Collin: "I play roll playing games like D&D."
Ria: "What do mean you play D&D? I would never play a table top roll playing game. They suck."
Collin: "No they donít. You like role playing and LARP! You would like gaming and you should try it some time."
Ria: "No that is ok I think I will pass."

Fast forward about a year.

Collin: "Jon bailed on us. Ria would you please play this character I need three players to make a game work and Joe and Sacha are ready to go. I will even give you the character that I created for John."
Ria: "Wow that sucks. I guess I could play this once. I mean if I donít like it I donít have to continue right."
Collin: "Sure you can quit if you like."

Yep that is really how it all started... It's been like 10 years now. She took pity on a few gamers trying to start a new campaign and has been hooked ever since. Also this is the first session where we played with Big Joe and discovered that after you get him about 3 beers he really gets into character. Just be sure to cut him off for a couple hours after that.

Some back ground on Simsing:

Simsing is the oldest child in a family of 4. Her father is a human fighter and her mother is an elf thief. Although her father is retired from being a fighter he still provides for the family by selling pottery throughout the local area. Her family lives in and Simsing was born in Waterdeep, far to the West of where Simsing calls home now.

While Simsing was growing up both her mother and father contributed to her education. Her father decided that his daughter needed to know how to defend herself and started teaching her how to use a sword. Not long after that her mother thought it would be a good idea to teach her how to open locks pick pockets and other things that one must know to survive on the streets if need be. At about age 15 Simsingís parents decided that they did not want her following in either of their footsteps so they sent her to the east to go study at well known Mage school.

Simsing spent 3 years at school learning all she could about Magic. Once she graduated she decided that it was time for her to make her own way in life and that it would be fun to explore more of the areas to the east of her home. Shortly after leaving magic school is where she met up with a band of adventurers that would continue to grow and be a group of hero's for the " Kingdom of Three". What wonderful adventures they have had.

Memorable Moments:

"What do you mean everyone else is unconscious in the Ball temple?"
"Excuse me Mr. Puckett but you make a lot of noise in that armour."
"Ok Darius what is the plan? DariusÖDarius? I wonder where he went? Oh well, I guess we follow the plan that we kind of set out."
"Tita there is no reason to be here. That tree looks funny. No Tita donít touch that"
"Hey if it tie this rope here then we can get across the canyon easier. Wait Raven what are you doing? No? Donít cut my ropeÖ"
"Hey Puckett you make a good lighting rod!"
"Anyone know how we are going to fit Basil up the ladder?"

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